Viola Public Library District

1701 17th Street    Viola, IL

1701 17th Street  PO Box 479

Viola, IL 61486

Phone: 309-596-2620

Fax: 309-596-2822


Wednesday November 23 at 12:00 pm

Thursday November 24


Saturday December 3

9am to 11am

The library will close at 12:00 pm Friday December 2 to set up the store

and will be closed Saturday December 3 to host the store.


Monday     9am - 12pm & 2pm - 6pm

Tuesday   9am - 12pm & 2pm - 6pm

Wednesday  9am - 12pm & 2pm - 6pm

Thursday   9am - 12pm & 2pm - 6pm

Friday     9am - 12pm & 2pm - 5pm

Saturday   9am - 12pm

Sunday  CLOSED

PREVAILING WAGE: Notice is hereby given that the unit of government named Viola Public Library District has adopted "An Ordinance Authorising and Ascertaining the Prevailing Rate of Wage for Laborers, Workmen, and Mechanics Employed on Public Works" during the month of July 2021. The original Ordinances, which list the applicable rate of wages, are on file and available for examination at the offices of the Secretaries.

Dated this 3rd day of June 2020. IDOL's wage chart for Mercer County:

Closed on the following holidays:

Memorial Day

July 4

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Eve (close at noon) 


Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

New Year's Eve

New Year's Day

Serving the residents of Greene & Suez Township.

Contact Us:

1701 17th St. PO Box 479

Viola, IL 61486


Fax: 309-596-2822

email: [email protected]

Trustee email: [email protected]


FOIA Officer:

Linda Engels

1701 17th St., PO Box 479

Viola, IL 61486

email: [email protected]

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